COVID-19 Health & Safety Procedures







Non-members are required to purchase an Access card for R180 online or on site in order to gain access into the museum and Sculpture Garden. This card entitles the holder to unlimited entries for one year from date of purchase.


Please note that First Thursdays is currently on hold.

Norval Foundation’s new membership option, Access Membership, needs to be purchased online or on site for R180 in order to enter the museum. This membership replaces daily admission and allows the member unlimited entries for one year. 

In order to gain entrance to the gallery spaces, two forms need to be completed: Daily COVID-19 questionnaire, and register, which can be completed on site at the Norval Foundation Shop.

• All staff and visitors are required to wear face masks.
• Visitor’s temperatures will be taken at the main gate. For visitor’s whose temperatures read over 37.6, entrance will not be permitted.
• All memberships will be sold at the Norval Foundation Shop counter, found on the left after the main entrance.
• All guests must sanitise before entering the shop. Sanitising stations will be set up around the facility.
• Visitors are required to complete the Daily COVID-19 questionnaire, and register. 
• Temperatures will be taken again at the shop so that visitors can include the accurate temperature in their forms.
• Once forms are completed, visitors can purchase their memberships and time slots if they have not already been purchased online.
• Visitors make their way to the Atrium and must follow the one-way route, as indicated by the red line that leads through the galleries.