‘I have made a place’

Gallery 9

26 July 2021 – 27 September 2021

‘I have made a place’ is a group exhibition of painting, installation and video by modern and contemporary South African artists, drawing from the Homestead Collection and the Scheryn Art Collection. Borrowing its title from the eponymous Gerda Scheepers painting, the gathering force of the exhibition can be summed up as follows: “Our endless and impossible journey toward home is in fact our home.” Author David Foster Wallace used these words to describe our struggle to establish a sense of self. The exhibition explores the processes through which we make a place for ourselves, physically and psychologically. The narrative of the exhibition begins within this inner world and expands outwards, from the corner of a room to a landscape. In doing so, we see the many ways that a particular location can act as a place for alienation or affirmation. We see what it means to be in a place which is treated as the centre or as the periphery, what it means to be displaced, resettled, or exiled, and the significance of seeing a particular place as ‘home’. The artworks exhibited represent specific geographic and cultural context through references that cannot always be fully understood by viewers who are not personally familiar with the places in question. This creates an ambiguity which opens the artworks to the viewer’s subjective reading, allowing us to fill in the gaps with our personal histories. ‘I have made a place’ is an exploration of the overlap between place and identity, as we attempt the impossible journey toward home.

Igshaan Adams
Peter Clarke
Kate Gottgens
Ian Grose
Bronwyn Katz
Moshekwa Langa
Gladys Mgudlanglu
Deborah Poynton
Gerda Scheepers
Kemang Wa Lehulere
Billie Zangewa

Curated by Khanya Mashabela, Curator, Norval Foundation