Kids at Norval Foundation


Norval Foundation’s Education Programme works hard to ensure that every child, whether homeschooled or attending private or public school, visits the Norval Foundation at least once in their primary school or high school careers.

Research has proven that art education plays an integral part in the holistic development of a child. It has been shown that children who have been exposed to art are:


  • Imparted with values such as sharing and perseverance.
  • Able to improve motor skills.
  • Able to create art that they are proud of, which improves their self esteem.
  • Better prepared for honing critical thinking skills, which improves their academic performance.


Join us in our fun-filled five week programme that is guaranteed to keep your little ones entertained! Take a stroll through our galleries and Sculpture Garden or grab a bite to eat in the Skotnes Restaurant while your kids learn and create!

 To book contact kids@norvalfoundation.org



The Norval Foundation is dedicated to providing access to the arts among underprivileged school children. Herein our outreach programme aims to:

  • Establish relationships with community leaders in surrounding communities.
  • Arrange outings for schools in surrounding communities including transport, snacks, tours and art activities.
  • Accommodate 400-600 learners per month in our outreach programme.
  • Arrange teacher training workshops for teachers in surrounding communities to improve their art education practice.
  • Host afternoon holiday workshops with NGOs working with children in surrounding communities.
  • Establish the activity room as a safe space for learners in surrounding communities to do their homework or create art

Make a Donation

If you would like to contribute to sustaining the arts in South Africa, please refer to the donation button below, alternatively please contact kids@norvalfoundation.org