About the Shop

The Norval Foundation shop is a natural extension of our mission to make art widely accessible to more people. In terms of both price and physical access, the shop is very easily accessible, and guests do not need a museum ticket to enter. 

It is a true South African museum shop, with books, exhibition posters and other products. Of our merchandise, 80% is designed and manufactured locally, while 20% represents global talent. 

The products cater to everyone’s tastes, not just those of art lovers. Everyone will be able to walk away with a souvenir of their time at the Norval Foundation, whether a wooden pencil or a limited-edition Irma Stern coffee mug.  

Our products are regularly synchronised with the exhibitions in the museum, so there is always something new to discover. Items based on featured artists such as Gerard Sekoto, Norman Catherine and Walter Battiss are just some of the things on offer at the Norval Foundation shop.

Artist Edition Programme
Norval Foundation x Art Gazette

Norval Foundation’s Artist Edition Programme launched in April 2018 with a range of high-quality, limited edition two-dimensional and three-dimensional contemporary artworks that engage a broad range of ideas. As the Programme has grown, we continue celebrating the visual arts of Southern Africa while providing collectors with access to artworks that are donated by artists who are at multiple points in their careers — from those who are starting off with dynamic practices to artists with a leading, global reputation. Editions are completed in a diversity of media such as lithographic and serigraphic printing, digital printing with professional inkjet printers by trusted artist printers, handmade stained glass panels and bronze casting, demonstrating innovative approaches to art making.

Thank you to all the artists and their galleries for their support, Athi-Patra and WHATIFTHEWORLD, Nandipha Mntambo, Stevenson and Everard Read, Brett Murray and Everard Read, William Kentridge and Goodman Gallery, Jody Paulsen and SMAC Gallery, Thania Petersen and WHATIFTHEWORLD and Georgina Gratrix and SMAC Gallery.







Norval Foundation is proud to present, in partnership with Art Gazette, a range of affordable artworks for both new and established collectors. Complementing Norval Foundation’s Editions Programme, this evolving selection presents original artworks as well as a small number of limited editions by over 300 emerging and established contemporary artists, based locally and internationally.

Funds from the sale of each artwork will be donated to the Foundation, supporting our programming, and allowing us to pursue our mission of researching and exhibiting 20th and 21st century visual art from South Africa and the broader African continent, while providing progressive education, learning and engagement for new audiences.

Art Gazette provides an accessible online platform through which it acquires, promotes, commissions and sells smaller scale artworks, supporting visual arts institutions and artists’ studio practice. They purchase works directly from the artists, giving them financial support while they kick-start their careers or work toward more ambitious new work.

All of the works are available for purchase in-store.

Exhibition Posters

Exhibition posters are a great way to collect a piece of art history. Vintage exhibitions posters become collectable and valuable.

When exhibition posters are released by art institutions, museums or galleries, they often are offered at low cost. However, the value of these posters can rise when the featured artist grows in popularity. For example, Lichtenstein’s exhibition poster “Shipboard Girl (1965)” sold for under $10 per print at his opening, and has since reached over $ 50,000 at auction.


Shop Favourites
William Kentridge-Inspired Marigold Beads


These deliciously inspired beads take their cue from the major William Kentridge exhibition Why Should I Hesitate: Sculpture, on display at Norval Foundation from August 2019—March 2020. 

Graphic text-based artworks like HOC, XA, WAIT, WAIT were fertile sources for translation into the grid-like structure of loomed beadwork. The cover design of the book “The Refusal of Time” references a Russian Constructivist aesthetic often found in Kentridge’s work and this striking cover informed two of the five designs. The five new designs are overarching types within which the necklaces produced are each unique variations.

Made in creative response to Kentridge’s visual language rather than as illustrations of specific works, the connections and associations cohere and hover in multiple ways.


Re/discovery and Memory

Heliostat: Wim Botha
Batlhaping Ba Re!: Helen Sebidi
Labour of Many: Ibrahim Mahama 

Norval Foundation is unique in South Africa, for being the only art museum with a dedicated publications programme for both adults and children. We are passionately committed to disseminating knowledge about art and artists, by developing accessible and quality driven publications for everyone to enjoy and learn, and have linked our children’s books to our children’s education programme.

 Access to scholars of texts and images, forms a vital part of our commitment to education outreach, and is designed for anyone who expresses an interest in culture and the people that contribute towards its production. We place great emphasis on doing meaningful research into the artists and cultural contexts that informed them, and see it as our duty to present that knowledge in a readable and stimulating way. With this comes responsibility, and we take our commitment to knowledge distribution as one of our fundamental core ethics.

We collaborate with a wide range of local and international writers and designers, to produce affordable books that are well considered and beautifully crafted. These typically relate to the exhibitions we have on show, and are put together to provide deeper insight into the exhibitions and artists. By producing these we are able to spread information and knowledge about the exhibitions, and extend our programme and commemorate our artists.


Children’s Publications

How Vincent, A Western Leopard Toad,

Found His Croak

Stories play a vital role in the growth and development of children. The books they read and the characters they get to know can become like friends.

Norval Foundation decided to create our own children’s story book series to introduce children to the world of art, using illustrations that inspire imagination and through stories that last a lifetime. Art has the power to change the way we view the world, the way we view other people and cultures, and ultimately, the way we view ourselves. For our children it is never too early to learn these lessons. When children develop the ability to learn about art, they can access a deep sense of pride in their cultural history, and come to an understanding of a common humanity.


‘How Vincent, a Western Leopard Toad, found his croak’, commences our new series of children’s books. It tells the story of how a drought stricken Vincent found a new homeland for himself and his fellow toads in Norval Foundation’s gardens, a Cape Western Lowland Wetland. This is a protected conservation area where the Western Leopard Toad’s mate each August. This book introduces Vincent, the Foundation, and several of the sculptures and features found in the Wetland. The next book in the series will see Vincent engaging more with the curators of the Foundation, and will see him get to know several of the artists within the Homestead Art Collection.



Corporate Gifting


The Norval Foundation Shop is dedicated to creating refined corporate gift box options that are tailor-made for every event’s needs. Our custom-created gift-boxes are the perfect accompaniment to your occasion.

Our range stretches from the our very own Skotnes wines, exclusively made artisanal chocolates, specially designed candles to luxury wooden pens. Also included in our store is a range of Artists Editions, in-house publications, products from various artists and exhibition posters/ prints.

For enquiries please email shop@norvalfoundation.org