About the Shop

The Norval Foundation shop is a natural extension of our mission to make art widely accessible to more people. In terms of both price and physical access, the shop is very easily accessible, and guests do not need a museum ticket to enter. 

It is a true South African museum shop, with books, exhibition posters and other products. Of our merchandise, 80% is designed and manufactured locally, while 20% represents global talent. 

The products cater to everyone’s tastes, not just those of art lovers. Everyone will be able to walk away with a souvenir of their time at the Norval Foundation, whether a wooden pencil or a limited-edition Irma Stern coffee mug.  

Our products are regularly synchronised with the exhibitions in the museum, so there is always something new to discover. Items based on featured artists such as Gerard Sekoto, Norman Catherine and Walter Battiss are just some of the things on offer at the Norval Foundation shop.


Shop Favourites

Explore our favourites from the gift shop.


Our first publication covers the retrospectives of sculptors, Sydney Kumalo and Ezrom Legae and chronicles their innovative artistic practices – the first of its sort to be undertaken by any institution globally. They are presented alongside fellow sculptor and friend Edoardo Villa, whose work between 1958 – 1968 gives insight into the interactions of these artists associated with Polly Street Art Centre and the Amadlozi Group. Working with his ongoing concern regarding the notion of displacement, Serge Alain Nitegeka’s contemporary practice – as experienced through his immersive installation – offers us a means for reassessing Villa’s own engagement with immigration, as seen in his early works.

How Vincent, a Western Leopard Toad, found his croak’, commences our new series of children’s books. It tells the story of how a drought stricken Vincent found a new homeland for himself and his fellow toads in Norval Foundation’s gardens, a Cape Western Lowland Wetland. This is a protected conservation area where the Western Leopard Toad’s mate each August. This book introduces Vincent, the Foundation, and several of the sculptures and features found in the Wetland. The next book in the series will see Vincent engaging more with the curators of the Foundation, and will see him get to know several of the artists within the Homestead Art Collection

Wim Botha’s ‘Prism’, includes a publication that focuses on the works selected for his mid-career survey exhibition. The 128 page book will reproduce never before seen images from his sketch books spanning 20 years; his own personal writing and thoughts, as well as images sourced from his international exhibition career. Essay’s by Ashraf Jamal and Liese van der Watt will offer a deep insight into his methods and thoughts.

Our exhibition on Helen Sebidi, curated by our Adjunct Curator, Portia Malatjie, will also be accompanied by an exhibition catalogue. This will be the first in an ongoing series of publications-all formatted to be collected into a box set spanning the years.

All publications are available at the Norval Foundation Shop.

How Vincent Found His Croak



The Norval Foundation’s Artists’ Editions celebrate 20th and 21st century art while providing collectors with access to works donated by major artists or their estates. This series features artists working in a diversity of media with distinctive approaches to art making. It aims to highlight innovative artistic practices from the region and make these practices accessible to a broad range of collectors. The inaugural artworks have been created by Thania Petersen and Jody Paulsen. Accompanied by a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity, collectors are assured that each artwork is produced to the highest quality. The Norval Foundation works with each artist or their estate to ensure their artwork is developed, printed- or cast to museum standards with a recognised professional studio.

All proceeds from the Artists’ Editions goes to the funding of future exhibitions at the Norval Foundation. Two dimensional artworks are available framed to the artist’ specifications at an additional cost. Artworks are available for sale in the Norval Foundation’s Shop, which is open during regular museum hours.




Jody Paulsen

Just Friends (2017)

Pigmented inkjet print

65 x 87 cm

Edition of 50



Jody Paulsen was born in 1987 in Cape Town, South Africa, where he currently lives and works. Paulsen creates visually striking, often two-dimensionally felt collages that use the language of pop culture to simultaneously celebrate and critique consumerism, revealing a complex ambivalence toward his subject. His intricately crafted works touch on topics as diverse as LGBTIQ rights in Africa, cubism and the Harlem Renaissance.



Thania Petersen

Remnants 5 (2017)

Pigmented inkjet print

46 x 70 cm

Edition of 50


Thania Petersen was born in 1980 in Cape Town, South Africa, where she currently lives and works. She is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice focuses on photographic self-portraiture, multi-sensory installation and performance. Her work often explores specific cultural, religious, and linguistic identities through the performing of historical figures or archetypes.


Corporate Gifting


The Norval Foundation Shop is dedicated to creating refined corporate gift box options that are tailor-made for every event’s needs. Our custom-created gift-boxes are the perfect accompaniment to your occasion. Our range stretches from the our very own Skotnes wines, exclusively made artisanal chocolates, specially designed candles to luxury wooden pens. Also included in our store is a range of Artists Editions, in-house publications, products from various artists and exhibition posters/ prints.