Structural Response III

Serge Alain Nitegeka

Norval Foundation Atrium
Courtesy of the Claire & Edoardo Villa Will Trust

Forced migration is central to Serge Alain Nitegeka’s Structural Response III . The theme of disrupted lives, disrupted work and disrupted spaces is, through his intervention within the Atrium, intended to enable a discussion about displacement.  His use of simple building materials such as pre-cut timber, references the aesthetics of temporary structures that forced migrants often construct. 

This sits alongside an allusion to minimalism processes and aims through his use of pre-fabricated materials, and the manner in which Structural Response III  encourages an awareness of space on the part of the viewer. Additionally, Nitegeka’s work utilises the language of Russian Constructivism, the early 20th-century art movement that employed geometric abstraction to represent a new form of social politics. 

Serge Alain Nitegeka is the 2018 recipient of the Villa Extraordinary Award for Sculpture, enabling the artist to produce his ambitious installation for Re/discovery and Memory. The award is provided by the Claire & Edoardo Villa Will Trust, which was established by the artist on his death to perpetuate and enhance his artistic legacy and continue his lifetime mentorship of other South African artists, especially sculptors.