Support Art Education by contributing to our

Art & Knowledge Patron Circle

Museums play a crucial role in alternative education and inspiring a young audience.The Art and Knowledge Patron Circle’s donations go specifically towards the Norval Foundation Education Fund.

These funds are ring fenced to bring children and students from under privileged communities to the museum on a regular basis.

Our focus lies on children of all ages, ranging from foundation phase to senior phase.


  • All funds donated will support under-privileged schools to visit Norval Foundation.
  • The Norval Family supports all other costs of the foundation.
  • As a donor, your donations & recognition will accumulate year on year.

Get in touch with us:

info@norvalfoundation.org or julia.buchanan@norvalfoundation.org

The generosity of individual and corporate patrons is vital to the growth and success of the Norval Foundation.

By supporting the Norval Foundation you enable us to grow, diversify and establish ourselves as a new centre for the research and exhibition of 20th- and 21st-century artworks, as well as a platform for music and cultural expression.

This makes it a truly collaborative effort to celebrate and protect culture in and from Africa, with unique and innovative series of art, education and public programmes.

Get in touch with us info@norvalfoundation.org or julia.buchanan@norvalfoundation.org